Lee Santos

Hello There

My name is Lee and I'm a Rhode Island based Software Engineer

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Lumiere Salon
lumiere salon

A fully responsive website featuring a Salon and the services they provide.

Front End

HTML - CSS - Javascript

Green Dragon Craftz
green dragon craftz store

A one-page store featuring large responsive sections to showcase products.

Full Stack

React - Router - Passport

Level Ground
level ground website

A one page website featuring a Martial Arts studio and their services.

Full Stack

React - Tailwind - Vite

Interactive CC Page
interactive credit card page

A responsive and interactive Credit Card form that updates in real time.

Front End

HTML - CSS - Javascript

Web Apps
Rock Paper Scissor
rock paper scissors

A fun version of the classic game Rock,Paper,Scissors.

Front End

HTML - CSS - Javascript

Pocket Palindrome
pocket palindrome

Ever wonder if a word is also a Palindrome? Well now you can find out with this neat little app.

Front End

HTML - CSS - Javascript

interactive credit card page

A cool version of the Whack-a-mole game you can play anywhere.

Front End

HTML - CSS - Javascript

Currently Working on
Gear Wish
rock paper scissors

A musicians best friend. Post your gear wishlist and match with others in your area that have what you need!

Full Stack

Node - Express - Tailwind - Mongo DB - Passport - EJS - Etc.

A little about me:

I used to work on cars & shoot portraits.

Over the years (and too many injuries) I decided it was time to pursue a different career.

Developing lets me continue to tinker and create. I get to write code every day, and I've never been happier.

Speaking of which, I'd love to hear what projects you have in mind!

The benefits of my work

Always Responsive

Whether it's a phone, tablet, or PC, your website will adapt to any screen size.

Modern Design

The web has changed a lot since the dark ages. Don't miss out on all the new technologies available.

More Traffic

A properly built project will generate more views, which translates to more business for you!

Contact Disclosure

I look forward to hearing about how I can help with your next project.

I'll answer all inquiries as soon as humanly possible!

Location Providence, Rhode Island
Email stacksantos@proton.me